Kalari.org Weekend Intensive

August 21st – 22nd for all Levels

Seize the first opportunity to immerese deeply into the Kalari practice. The Intensive Intensive serves to rekindle the inner fire of returning students and to provide invaluable insights for beginning students, active practitioners from any tradition, as well as any holistic athletes, coaches or trainers who are looking for inspiration from one of humanity’s last remaining root arts.


Introduction to the traditional Kalari Lohar Warm-up Exercises, Groundwork, Leg Swings and the shamanic Animal Postures of the Kalari Tradition.


Experience the timeless grace and flow of the Puthara and Kalari Vandanam, the Salutation Form of Northern Style Kalaripayattu and Gateway to Meippayat (“Body Forms”).

Body Forms

Kalari is more than a workout. Learn about Meippayatt, the psychophysical Body Forms of the Kalari tradition. Experience archetypical movements in the grounding focus of the Male Form and the explosive flow of the Female Form.


Kalari provides an age-tested, safe and effective framework for partner practice with wooden and metal weapons. Weapons practice defines the later stages of the Kalari training and will take your focus, grounding and flow to the next level.


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**Please note: This training will be conducted in accordance with the currently necessary safety precautions. To participate, it’s obligatory to bring medical face masks to be worn during certain close-quarter exercises, as well as inside the rest of the building outside the Dojo. To guarantee maximum safety for all participants and staff, you are also obliged to present a corona rapid test not older than 48h upon your arrival on the first day of the training.**

Seize the opportunity to immerse and practice!

For returning students of the practice, it will provide the opportunity to rekindle for Kalari fire and get back intro practice, touching base on all key areas of our Nothern Style Kalari curriculum: From the foundations all the way to weapons’ practice. For newcomers, it will provide an overview of the style, curriculum and scope of our lineage. The intensive will also give prepare and greenlight you for participation in the upcoming Kalari.org Practitioner Training.

Day 1

On day one we will cover the core foundations of the practice: Kalari warm-up exercises, Groundwork, Leg Swings, as well as the shamanic Animal Postures of the Kalari tradition. The afternoon will take us through the Puthara and Kalari Vandanam, the Salutation of Northern Style Kalaripayattu.

Day 2

Day two will kick off with a close look on Meippayat and Kaikuttippayat, the female and male Body Forms of Northern Style. In the last session, we will take a journey into into the advanced stages of Northern Style Kalaripayattu with an introduction to Longstick and Shorstick.

What is Kalari?

Kalaripayattu, also known as Kalari, is the indigenous martial and healing art of southern india. It is the perfect holistic training for people looking for sustainable fitness, increased resilience, sensory awareness, alignment, energy, serenity and a powerful psychophysical foundation for an active and self-empowered life.

Kalari evolved parallel to Yoga and Ayurveda and southern india. In contrast to Yoga, Kalari was not practiced by ascetics, but by the healers and warriors of the respective communities — people who had to be present in the here and now with the responsibility to make important decisions. Like two sides of the same coin: Where Yoga turns inside in Pratyahara, Kalari turns outside in a process of expanding sensory and situational awareness.

Kalari is a timeless and tested holistic training for leaders, coaches, trainers, therapists, movers, dancers, martial artists, yogis and just everyone looking for a sustainable and powerful mental and physical foundation for an active life in today’s modern world.

The Presenter

Meet the presenter of the training, Kalari.org founder Kai Peter Hitzer.

Kai Peter Hitzer

Kai Peter Hitzer Portrait 2020Kai discovered Kalari in early 2004 while looking for effective exercise to help his recovery from a severe slip disc syndrom. inspired by this experience, he embarked on his first 6-months trip to Kerala in Southern India, starting his studies under Kalari Grandmaster Gurukkal CM Sherif of Kannur. Kai has been passing on the art ever since his return in 2005, his Kalari lessons characterized by years of experience with various martial arts, Yoga and their underlying philosophies. A Senior Instructor of the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (KKA) and the founder of Kalari.org, Kai opened his clay-floor Kalari in Hamburg in 2006. Outside the Kalari, Kai runs the Human Posture Blog and works as coach, trainer and media consultant for his company Haltungsschmiede based out of Hamburg, Northern Germany, where he lives with Kamila and their five kids. 

The Sessions

The section below provides a quick overview over the individual sessions of the upcoming workshop.

Saturday 09.00am – 11.00pm



Young KVR Shahabaz in Kalari Horse Posture

Session I: Foundations

Saturday | 09.00am – 11.00pm (CET / MEZ / UTC+1)

In the first session of Kalaripayattu Online Workshop, C.M. Sherif Gurukkal will guide us through some of the key conditioning and warm-up exercises, as well underlying aspects of the core 5 Animal Postures, like marma point activation for perception.

  • Lohar and the application of first 6
  • 5 Animal Postures and their details like marma activation for perception
The Puthara of the old KKA Kalari

Session II: Vandanam & Vannakkam

Saturday | 01.00pm – 03.00pm (CET / MEZ / UTC+1)

The afternoon will be dedicated to details of the salutations of Northern Style , Vandanam and the first three Vanakkam Forms.

  • Kalari Vandanam
  • Kalari Vanakkam (I-III)

Saturday 01.00pm – 03.00pm

The Salutation


Sunday 09.00am – 11.00pm

Body Forms


Kai Hitzer praciting Kalari Arapukai Water Form

Session III: Meippayatt

Sunday | 09.00am – 11.00am (CET / MEZ / UTC+1)

Day two will kick off with a close look on Meippayat, the Body Forms of Northern Style, and their application.

  • Meippayat Body Forms
  • Application

Sunday 01.00pm – 03.00pm



Session IV: Weapons
Sunday | 01.00pm – 03.00pm (CET / MEZ / UTC+1)

In the last session, we will take a journey into the first stages of Kolthari, Kalari Wooden Weapons

  • Kettukari, Kalari Long Stick
  • Cheruvadi, Kalari Short Stick

Sticks will be provided.

Daily Schedule

The schedule below serves as orientation for beginning students. The actual content for returning students depends on the individual level of experience.

Saturday, August 21st at Wiese EG

07.30 – 07.45: Arrival at the Dojo and Check-in
08.00 – 08.30: Welcome and outlook on the workshop
08.30 – 09.00: Meditation
09.00 – 11.00: Warm-ups and leg exercises. Introduction to the traditional Kalari warm-up exercises, groundwork and leg swings and Vadivu, Kalari Animal Postures
11.00 – 13.00: Contemplation and lunchbreak (kitchari, tea and water will be served)
13.00 – 15.00: Introduction to the Salutation Form, Puthara and Kalari Vandanam and Animal Posture adjustment clinic
15.00 – 16.00: Q&A. Open questions and outlook on Sunday.

Sunday, August 22nd at Wiese EG

07.30 – 07.45: Arrival at the Dojo
08.00 – 08.30: Welcome and outlook on the workshop
08.30 – 09.00: Silent meditation
09.00 – 11.00: Meippayat and Kaikuttipayatt, introduction to the first Female and Male Bodyform of the Kalari Tradition
11.00 – 13.00: Contemplation and lunchbreak (kitchari, tea and water will be served)
13.00 – 15.00: Kettukari and Cheruvadi, introduction to the first Longstick and Shortstick Form of Northern Style Kalari
15.00 – 16.00: Final Q&A. Open questions and best practices and tips for sustaining and developing your individual Kalari practice


Location and Directions

The training will be held at Wiese EG in Hamburg Barmbek, close to Hamburg’s main Park “Stadtpark”.

Wiesendamm 24
22305 Hamburg

Directions >>

If you plan to use public transportation, please refer to HVV website for detailed directions to either Saarlandstraße or Barmbek station.


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