Meet the Founders

The people behind

Kai Peter Hitzer

Kai Peter Hitzer Founder and Director

Senior Instructor KKA

Kai discovered Kalari in early 2004 while looking for effective exercise to help his recovery from a severe slip disc syndrom. inspired by the healing he felt in his body, he embarked on his first trip to India, starting his studies under Kalari Grandmaster Gurukkal CM Sherif of Kannur. Kai has been passing on the art ever since 2005, his lessons characterized by years of experience with various martial arts, Yoga and their underlying philosophies.

A Senior Instructor of the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (KKA), Kai opened his clay-floor Kalari and Yoga studio in Hamburg in 2006. He relocated to Hamburg in late 2018 and is currently focusing on creating the Online Academy and the upcoming 200h TT.

Deva Kamila Ludwig

Deva Kamila Ludwig

Chief Mother of the Kalari Tribe lvl I Teacher in training

Deva is a proud mother of five, a former track and field athlete and a relaxation therapist by trade. She is the founder of, a wholistic system of bodywork, meditation, coaching and nutrition. „Relaxation is a matter of being, not a matter of skill“ is her credo, and the way Kalari brings practitioners into the present moment immediately hit home with her. She has trained ever since.

Deva is the strong woman behind, often assisting Kai during workshops and heading their home and retreat center in Northern Germany known as Human Posture. Since 2017 Deva has also started to teach her own Kalari workshops, focussing on empowering women in a healthy way.