60h Practitioner Training

March 2nd – 18th 2018 At YogaOne Barcelona

Join Kai Hitzer for 2018 60h Practitioner Training in Barcelona! Lay the framework for a solid self practice or prime yourself for a deeper journey like the upcoming 200h Teacher Training in 2018.

Kalari Beginners Weekend Retreat

May 4th – 5th 2018 At Solhalla near Gothenburg

Join Kai Hitzer in a scandinavian paradise for a weekend introduction to Kalarippayat. The beautiful and serene retreat of Solhalla is located conveniently about an hour north of Gothenburg on the shores of Stora Hällungen. It offers the perfect setting for deep immersion into the practice. 



When the Body becomes all Eyes

The best way to kickstart your Kalari practice

Finding out about the mere existence of Kalarippayat, Kalaripayattu or simply Kalari can already be challenge in itself. In fact many martial artists, movers, dancers or yogis go about their lives never even imagining that such a powerful and primal...

Welcome to the Kalari Mura Blog

I still remember laying my eyes on the Kalari practice for the very first time, and just watching the practice changed my life forever. Kalarippayat or Kalari, the fierce phsychophysical practice I fell in love with in 2004. Martial Art, Healing Art, Yoga......




Kalari.org 60h Practitioner Training

Become one of the first certified Kalarippayat Practitioners and a true ambassador of the practice.

INTO THE PIT | The word “Kalari” means “space” or “arena” in Malayalam, the indigenous language of Kerala. Northern Style Kalaris are palm leaf covered pits and they have been dug into the red earth of Southern India since times immemorial. 42 by 21 feet and built in strict east-west-alignment, the entrance three and a half stairs down from the east, they sing an ancient hynm to Kundalini – that which “resides in the pit”.

THE KALARI WAY | Kalarippayat was once a way of life, called “Kalari Mura”. Every 6-8 year old child would be initiated during the annual monsoon season, regardless of sex, caste or religion. This ancient tradition continued until Kalarippayat was banned by the British in 1793. Much was lost during the British Raj, but the art continued to be practiced in secrecy by Gurukkals who defied the ban by the British.

INDIA’s GIFT TO THE WORLD | These revivalists have ensured the art’s survival, and Kalarippayat has started to retake its place as part of the rekindled southern indian national identity. The art is once again practiced all over Kerala and even beyond. Today, Kalarippayat receives wider recognition and attention outside of its native southern indian habitat, slowly but gradually taking its rightful place among its sister sciences Ayurveda and Yoga as one of India’s great gifts to the world.

PRIMAL MOVEMENT | Kalari stresses the practice of archetypical movement principles and primal whole body movement over the repetitive practice of isolated techniques. These are movements that we can instinctively relied upon in times when fear- or stress-induced surges of adrenalin make a trained response all but impossible. Kalari grandmasters have described this process as “training the reptile brain”.

TENDON STRENGTH | The Kalari practice exposes the practitioner to a very unique and versatile training regime. Intensity is imperative in Kalarippayat. However, the practice scales after the practitioner and not the other way around. Physically, the practice promotes and stresses tendon strength over muscle strength. The body created is lean, strong and does not deteriorate as quickly with old age.

SENSORY AWARENESS | The concept of primal whole body movement and tendon strength goes hand in hand with a strong evolution of the senses. Kalari practitioners are taught to expand their sensory awareness. This starts with the gross physical senses, especially sight and hearing, but eventually transcends into the realm of prana or life force. The experienced Abhyassi will eventually start to sense the flow of energy, first within his own body and later in the world around him.

WAY OF THE WARRIOR | Kalari was created as an art of war and healing. It is crucial to acknowledge these roots to understand why the practice is so immeasurably valuable for us today: It was created for people whose responsibility was to take care of and engage with the people and world around them. At the same time it completes the ancient trinity of mysticism (e.g. yoga), healing (e.g. ayurveda) and martial art.

Art of Living | Kalari can teach us how to live. It teaches us how to encounter each moment with open eyes, posture and tenacity. This makes Kalari the perfect foundation for a self-determined and healthy life in the modern world. For this reason Kalari is also gradually becoming one of the preferred tools of personal growth and development for privateers, athletes and professionals of all backgrounds.

Personal Growth | The practice provides a unique phsychophysical framework. It enables the practitioner to physically experience real life encounters, e.g. confrontation with a colleague at work, and learn how to (re-) act adequately. This could mean anything from standing our ground to simply detaching and fully stepping into the moment. The decision is ours and not influenced by external factors or uncontrolled impulse. The result is true self-empowerment and freedom.

Find Your Training

Kalari.org offers a variety of courses and trainings, both online and residential. Our range includes online classes, workshops and retreats for beginners, as well as trainings for aspiring practitioners and teachers and highly individual personal or group training.

Training Types

The section below provides a quick overview over trainings offered by Kalari.org. Please note that no workshops can be booked on our page, but on the respective studio’s page for the given training that can be found in training dates section further below.

Kalari.ORG 5-week online course

The Kalari.org 5-week online course serves as a risk-free and flexible introduction to the practice of Kalarippayat. Set your own pace and work through 5 comprehensive lessons which will introduce you to the main principles and some of the key exercises of the practice:

  • Cheruthozil: Small set of basic warm-ups
  • Groundwork: Small set of basic ground exercises
  • Vadivu: Horse Posture (moved and static)
  • Kalugal: Nere Kal (Straight Leg Swing)
  • Rhythm and flow of the practice

>> learn more


Workshops are residential courses with a duration of 1-3 days. Prerequisites vary depending on topic and will be clearly stated in the description. Workshops for beginners like the Introductory Weekend Workshop require no prerequisites. >> check for dates


Retreats are residential courses with a duration of 3-10+ days and will usually take you to serene and beautiful locations perfect for deep immersion like Human Posture in Northern Germany or Solhälla in Sweden. Prerequisite for participation varies and will be stated in the individual retreat description. The regular Beginners Weekend Retreat has no prerequisites, but previous participation in the 5-week Online Course is a perfect primer for the retreat. >> check for dates

Kalari.ORG 60h Practitioner Training

The Kalari.org 60h Practitioner Training primarily serves to create a rock-solid self practice, making you a true Abhyassi and eligible for participation in all upcoming classes, workshops and intensives. It also serve as a stairway to becoming one of the first Kalari Lvl I Teachers in the future. Prerequisite for participation is the previous participation in at least one the following workshops or trainings or the equivalent, eligibility assessed by Kalari.org:

  • Kalari.org 5-Week Online Course
  • Kalari Introductory Workshop
  • Kalari Beginner’s Weekend Retreat

The curriculum will take you through the all the basics needed to become a full fledged Kalari Abhyassi:

  • Cheruthozil: Basic warm-ups
  • Vadivu: Basic postures
  • Kalugal: Basic leg swings
  • Meithozhil: Puthara & Kalari Vandanam
  • Meithozhil: Meippayat – Arapukai I
  • Meithozhil: Kaikuttippayat – Pilaitangi I
  • Kolthari: Longstick I
  • Brief History of Kalarippayat
  • Basic phychophysical principles

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Kalari.org 200h Teacher Lvl I Training

The first Kalari.org 200h Teacher Lvl I Training is going to start in 2018 in two locations: The Kalari.org headquarters at Human Posture in Germany and YogaOne in Barcelona. The teacher training will be a transformative journey of 12 months that will ultimately make you one of the first certified teachers of the ancient art of Kalarippayat in the west. …but before this happens, your physical technique and stamina will be taken to your individual limit to break the bonds of the mind and unleash true movement. You will learn new body forms as well as weapons forms, including the teacher sides of the first long- and shortstick form. We will then transcend physical technique and go into oral teaching, body scanning, scaling and adjustment techniques. The fundamentals of the Nadi-Marma System will be covered. As required by Kalari.org tradition you will look beyond Northern Style and will get initiated into the first exercises of Southern Style Kalarippayat, also known als Thekkan Sampradayam. Prerequisite for participation is the successful completion of the 60h Kalari Practitioner Training and an active Kalari Practice, eligibility assessed by Kalari.org: The curriculum:

  • 6 x 7 days
  • 200h of training
  • Cheruthozil: Core warm-ups
  • Groundwork: Core cycle
  • Kalari Yoga Vanakkam variations (Sun Salutation of the Kalari Tradition)
  • Vadivu: Core postures
  • Kalugal: Core leg swings
  • Meithozhil: Puthara & Kalari Vandanam
  • Meithozhil: Meippayat – Arapukai I-III
  • Meithozhil: Kaikuttippayat – Pilaitangi I-II
  • Kolthari: Longstick I teacher side
  • Kolthari: Shortstick I
  • Vaitari: Methodology of oral teaching
  • Scaling: Learn how to safely adjust Meithozhil and Vadivu to individual levels
  • Introduction to Thekkan Sampradayam (Southern Style Kalarippayat)
  • Phychophysical principles
  • History of Kalarippayat
  • Kalari.org teacher listing
  • Free personal check in with kalari.org for coaching up to 6 months after certification

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Personal Training

Wouldn’t you want to live and experience life fully, present and with a sense of true choice and freedom? Kalari one-on-one or in a small group setting is a powerful experience. This training is perfect for individuals, groups or companies, who see Kalari as a powerful tool to take their life, leadership or creativity to the next level. These are bespoke sessions, carefully tailored to your individual needs and targeted to support your self in unlocking your very own phycophysical potential. We are just a tour guide. Our sessions will be infused with our experience of an authentic student-teacher-relationship, as well as a background of over 10 years of working on director level in the media industry.  Today Kalari.org’s clients include privateers and professionals of all backgrounds. Reach out today and embark on a transformative journey alone or as a group of 2 or more. We will help you to find out what the best possible set up could look like. >> learn more

Training Dates

12.01. – 14.01.2018 | Practitioner Training Module VI at Human Posture (Pronstorf, Northern Germany) with Kai

26.01. – 28.01.2018 | Practitioner Training Module V at YogaOne (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

16.02. – 18.02.2018 | Practitioner Training Module VI at YogaOne (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

02.03. from 07.15 – 09.00pm | Kalari.org Talk at Lab Friday XVII at YogaLab (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

16.03. – 18.03.2018 | Kalari.org Beginners Weekend Intensive at YogaLab (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

19.03. – 25.03.2018 | Kalari.org Elements of Kasarath at YogaOne (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

13.04. – 15.04.2018 | Kalari.org Beginners Weekend Intensive at Center of Gravity (Hamburg, Germany) with Kai 

27.04. – 29.04.2018 | Kalari.org Beginners Weekend Retreat at Fundació La Plana (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai and Deva

05.05.2018 from 10.45 – 12.15am | Kalari Class at the Yogi Days (Hamburg, Germany) with Deva and Kai

26.05. – 28.05.2018 | Kalari classes at Ljubljana Yoga Conference (Ljubljana, Slowenia) with Kai

07.06. – 10.06.2018 | Kalari.org classes at Agni Spirit Festival Sessions (Barcelona) with Kai, Deva, Malwina and Ezequiel

22.07. – 29.07.2018 | Kalari.org Summer Retreat 2018 at Fundació La Plana (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai and Deva

24.09. – 30.09.2018 | Kalari Beginners Intensive at Moksha Yoga (Chicago, IL, USA) with Kai

05.10. – 07.10.2018 | Kalari Beginners Weekend Intensive at Mandala Yoga (Santa Monica, CA, USA) with Kai

12.10. – 14.10.2018 | Kalari Sessions at Global Yoga Conference (Barcelona, Spain) with Kai

19.10. – 21.10.2018 | Introductory Workshop at Yoga Vidya (Bad Meinberg, Germany)

25.12.2018 – 25.01.2019 | Kalari.org India Retreat at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (Kerala, India)

The dates for 2019 will be published soon.

  “I feel absolute respect for the Kalari practice. It is an inspiring form of self development: Spiritually, mentally and physically awakening strength on all levels, developing the warrior consciousness. Kai is an extraordinary teacher who transmits Kalari according the tradition and makes this ancient practice known around the world. Thank you Kai, Jai Kalari!” Jordi Canela Viscarrues (Om Ram) Co-founder, YogaOne  
  “I consider myself an athletic person, I do yoga, pilates, cross fit training, play tennis and love to run and swim, but nothing compares to the training intensity of Kalari. Where all your senses are awakened and the mind and body both concentrated on the movement, flow and energy that is Kalari.  I encourage everyone to try it, no matter if you think your not coordinated, you would be surprised at what you discover within yourself with Kalari.” Haneen Alrayes Founder and CEO, HIVE  
  “I’ve been practicing sports since I was 6 years old. And I’ve done a lot, like tennis, ice hockey, football, golf and also taekwondo. What I missed was the inclusion of mind in my sporting activities. Kai Hitzer gave me the opportunity to try Kalari during a personal training session. It was an incredible experience and it hasn’t left me ever since. The connection of body and mind is very unique and I can, without a second thought, recommend Kalari to everyone.Thanks Kai!” Pete David Managing Director, PDavid Consulting  
  “I had the honor of practicing with Kai for two hours, and I am really psyched. Thanks a lot and see you very soon, Kai! I am looking forward to more lessons in the future.” Mathis Landwehr Actor, Producer and Martial Artist, Mathis Landwehr  
  “Working with Kai both as his student and as a business partner is inspiring! His supportive way of teaching always gives me the right spirit and motivation to move on. Even the short time I practice Kalari yet changed the way I recognize my body and mind. Especially that has made a huge difference in dealing with my chronic illness multiple sclerosis. I’m absolutely positive that Kalari makes you strong in a really deep and ongoing way.” Sabine Marina Co-Founder and Managing Director, Paperkite Pictures  
  “The beautiful art of Kalari is a deep and powerful practice with an ancient sparkle. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and practice with the excellent, dedicated teacher Kai Hitzer. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who loves yoga and or martial arts.” Keri Lassalle Writer and Entrepreneur, Sacred Jewels  
Jai Surgrim Kalari Testimonial   “I really enjoyed practicing Kalari with Kai Hitzer. Kai is a great communicator, sharing generously, what he has learned from his own practice and from his teachers in India. From the instant we met I could sense his mastery of polarity, and his congruence with the subtle energetics of masculine & feminine. He embodies “Positive Masculinity,” where one lives unabashedly as a Man, while honoring and upholding the feminine within themselves and others.  Kai holds the space for each student to have their own inner experience, by teaching them how to use their physical bodies as a vehicle for self-awareness.” Jai Sugrim C.S.C.S, L.M.T, J.Y.T Yoga Teacher and Author, Body Mind Mastery  
Jan Oliver Dahl Kalari Testimonial   “As professional business coach and trainer, I am continuesly looking for new methods of empowerment for my clients. My research eventually lead me to a passage on Kalari.org which explicetely talked about Kalari’s potential for personal growth and training professionals, and the consecutive personal training session with Kai did not fail to deliver. I have eversince incorporated the practice in my own life and also successfully collaborated with Kalari.org for several teambuilding and coaching projects.” Jan Oliver Dahl HR Interim Manager, Business Coach, Dahl & Friends